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Cookies Policy and Privacy Statement

At Finday eco Boutique Hotel (hereinafter “Hotel” or “the Hotel”), we have put all of our efforts in order to ensure that your personal data shared with us are protected. We take very seriously the involvement of our business procedures with your personal data. The hotel is respecting your privacy to the principles of applicable Greek and European laws.

By writing this Cookies Policy and Statement of Privacy we would like to explain the way we treat to your personal data. So please, read and be informed by the following words.

Personal Data:

The Hotel collects our online visitor or physical guest’s personal data. We would like to inform you that our purposes are for your best (online and/or onsite) experience. We mention that by using the term “Personal Data” we mean these data/facts that can identify you as an individual or relate to an identifiable individual. For example, we can list below some of the data that we collect during our business practices. Identity data, (such as name, surname, identification papers details, tax number). Demographic data, (such as date of birth, place of birth, gender, nationality, etc). Contact data, (such as your telephone number, mail, email, address, etc). Financial data, (such as your credit/debit card number). Social Media, (such as profile name, profile photos, username, etc)

During your visit to our premises:

Data collected from us during the check-in procedure at our premises by a responsible employee at the Hotel’s reception. The filling of certain documents may be required by our corporate procedures. Furthermore, the collection of personal data by the Hotel is required when a reservation is about to take place. We will request some of your identification, personal information, by telephone reservation, communication via email and/or via online booking. We would like to state that some of this information may be stored for quality and training purposes. Personal data collected also when you interact with us via our website or using social media or sign up for our newsletter. We would like to inform you that the collection of personal data may be collected from third parties and/or other businesses for several reasons and lawful procedures. In case that a law or a lawful business practice include the need of such sharing, it is in our discretion to do it. We do not process or maintain at any stage of our procedures any sensitive personal data other than those required by our business practices.

Our Communication

For communication purposes, we may contact you and inform you, about our news, offers, prices, travel packages, fascinating events and/or other events that we think that would interest you.

Online browsing

We at Finday eco Boutique Hotel at Kalavrita we use or we might use in the future cookies and/or invisible pixels in our websites. We may use this information to improve or to perform strategic marketing programs and content. By using your electronically browsing device to navigate between our website’s web pages, your device assigns with a unique identifier and this is your identification used from the website.  This practice helps us, providing you the best personalized online practice and experience, making your browsing faster and better. We notice you, that other web pages might be using cookies or the same practices and this is not between our control capabilities or responsibilities. You can modify your browser’s settings accordingly in order to accept or reject the usage of cookies when you navigate in the web. We refer, that we use several well known electronically services by global known enterprises for analytical review of our online visitors. During your navigation between our website’s pages, you might find links leading to other (third party) websites used for your information. The Hotel is not responsible or liable for any content presented by or contained on any (third party) other websites. We can not and we do not assure you about the privacy policies of third party websites, including websites owned or controlled by operators, third parties that may use the name of Finday eco Boutique Hotel brand or websites not controlled or authorized by the Hotel. We would also like to mention, that online reservation to the Hotel is managed by third party websites. Please be advised about their own privacy policies and their security measures.

To revoke consent, users may disable cookies by modifying their browser settings. The links listed below provide more information about what cookies are installed, how to allow, block or remove installation from your computer. Depending on which browser you use, the user may follow these links:

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You can always contact us and ask questions, we promise that we will respond to your queries as soon as possible with responsibility within the permissible time limit.

Aghiou Nikolaou str, Kalavryta, Greece.

Telephone: 0030 26920 24552

You can also contact the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, kindly find more information on their website.

Retention of your personal data

We store your personal data for a predetermined and limited time. We may keep or retain your personal data for a larger period in order to comply at all times with the applicable legislation. We also put all of our efforts in order to comply with the laws, regulations and business practices and to update all of our businesses’ materials, website and business processes accordingly.