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Hiking Vouraikos Gorge, Greece

Hiking in Greece,

Odontotos Rack Railway Kalavryta

Every year on the second weekend of May, many people visit Kalavryta in order to take part in the Panhellenic Pass, walk along the lines of “Odontotos” the rack railway -train, admire the magical canyon of Vouraikos river.

Post by the organizers:

The Association of Mountaineering – Skiing – Climbing – Environmental Protection of Kalavryta since 1980, and every year, on the 2nd Sunday of May, organizes the Panhellenic Pass in the Vouraikos River Gorge.
The descent to the gorge is made by “Odontotos” lines starting from Kalavryta and ending at Diakopto with a total distance of 22 km.
Alternatively you can also start from the small village “Zachlorou”, where you can reach by your car, or by the train, and then walk – hike 10 km to “Niamata” train station. The train on that day operates all routes at low speeds and stops at all intermediate stations to serve hikers.

The program is as follows:

Hiking in Vouraikos Canyon, Peloponnese

You start with your club, company or yourself, on Sunday in the morning at 7:30 from the Odontotos station in Kalavryta. Following the train lines to our first stop in Zachlorou – “Mega Spileo” train station. Otherwise, if you want to start later or from Zachlorou, do not hesitate, you will not be alone!
There are lots of groups starting from time to time so follow them!

Simple Tip:

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. if you have trekking shoes, they are ideal for tying the ankle to avoid accidents. Depending on the weather conditions, it is advisable to have with you a hat, a sunscreen, a waterproof jacket. Do not be burdened with unnecessary things.

trekking through Vouraikos gorge


Take only a bottle of water or an isotonic with you if you prefer something light for lunch. Along the way the Mountaineering Club has taken care of you all to find the things you need to rest and get the strength to keep going. You do not have to be in a particular physical state, as long as you are willing to walk. There is no age limit. To get there, the route is simple and everyone can follow it, but it is almost a 5-hour hike from Kalavryta to Diakopto, 3 hours from Zachlorou to Diakopto and 2 hours from Zachlorou to Niamata.  If it is not able for you to walk for so many hours (due to age or various health problems), it would be more appropriate to avoid it. It is about a mountaineering hike and not a simple walk. If you are not in a club to know the basic tips, then follow the tips listed above.

The Panhellenic Pass in the Vouraikos River Gorge is FREE and you do not need to be registered.

Along the gorge you will find volunteers from the Greek Rescue Team who will ensure smooth running and will be there for anything you need.


Let’s travel and live the adventure!



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