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Flavors and fragrances

The route is more exciting when the tastes leave fingerprints and smells of remembrance.

 Local drinks and liquers: You should try the local wines of the wineries of the region, Tetramythos and Rouvalis.. After a very good meal it’s certain that they will treat you a Moschovolithra.

Driving on the road Diakopto- Kalavrita, you should make a stop and visit the winerie Tetramythos for trying the several varieties of wines.

Tentura or for the oldest Moschovolithra. You can use it to cakes instead of cognac. For example you can put it in a chocolate cake and it will give a unique flavor.

Dairy products: Feta cheese, formaela, gruyere and yogurt from the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kalavrita.

*You should dare to make fondue with the formaela.

Marmalades: Marmalade rose or else Rosesugar, Marmalade quince,  Chestnut,  Walnut and Cherry are some of the desserts that you can find in traditional patisseries.

*You should try the traditional yogurt with two spoons of marmalade rose or cherry.

Pastas: Lazania, noodles and frumenty are some of those who are manufactured with the better materials from the traditional cottage industries and you can find them from the different little shops in the main pedestrian road of Kalavrita.

*The marmalade rose has a very special flavour. Do not hesitate to use it into sweet and sour sauces. You can combine these sauces with a plate of homemade lasagne, Helmos.

Pork or Veal: Kalavrita is a mountain region with a strong raching operation. In the city of Kalavrita but also in the little villages you will enjoy traditional greek flavours.

*You should try rooster cooked in wine with noodles, or chopsticks with greens and feta cheese.

Fish: You can find trout, salmon and sturgeon in the trout farms of Planitero.

*In the homonymous tavern of the region, they make their own smoked trout and they cook it with 8 different ways. (Tout amandin with almonds and oil).You should try it.