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Cog railway Kalavrita Diakopto

Cog railway “Odontotos”,  Kalavrita – Diakopto

Odontotos Cog railway Train
Cog railway Train – “Odontotos”

The cog railway, “Odontotos” begins from the railway station of the seaside town of Diakopto and follows the Vouraikos gorge. The one hour journey and 22 km distance ends up to the city of Kalavrita at an altitude of 750m. Passing through 49 bridges and by traversing beautiful landscapes, it hasn’t been unfairly characterized as “ A remarkable work of art”, in facilities which are “Historical monuments”.

The construction work of the rail way system began in 1889 and inaugurated seven years later, on March 10, 1896.. The gauge is 75 centimeters and this is the specificity that
makes this cog railway being the narrowest in the world.

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*If you are going to visit Kalavrita and the cog railway in high season ( for example Christmas, New Years Eve) you should take your tickets in advance.

You can find more information, contacting the travel agency

*For your better convenience we can purchase for you the tickets. Necessary condition the lump sum payment of the tickets and your written permission.(e-mail, fax).

Odontodos in the winter