Finday Eco Boutique Hotel

Activities & Extreme Sports

Activities & Extreme Sports

The touches of Aroanios river adds a unique color to the landscape, where the seasons follow on another. At the southwest side of Kalavrita city near the chapel of St. Anargyri that hotel is located, on the slope of the hill, offer serenity and relaxation to the visitor.
A short trip to Kalavrita guarantees spectacular results. Especially if you are keen on winter sports. One of the largest ski resorts in Greece is simply a breath away from the “Finday eco Boutique Hotel Kalavrita”.
You can also enjoy:

  • Hiking in the  Vouraikos canyon
  • Mountain bike tour of Tsivlou Lake
  • Climbing to Top of Styx Helmos
  • Rafting and Kayaking in Ladonas or Erymanhos rivers
  • Erymanthian Paragliding (Speedflying)
  • Aristarchos Observatory on Top of Mt Helmos
  • Driving in mud and dirt of the mountain through the trees

The hotel has three different room types. Choose yours!

Double Room Kalavrita
Standard Double
Superior Room at Finday eco Boutique Hotel Kalavrita
Superior Room
Deluxe Apartment at Kalavrita with fireplace
Deluxe Apartment